Sightseeing near Mahalaxmi Adventures

With a long picturesque coastline and beaches extending from Achare in the north to the little peninsular of Devbag' via the famous beach of Tarkarli, in the southern end Malvan is blessed with some of the best beaches in Maharashtra.

Tarkarli beach seamlessly extending onto Devbaug beach is arguably one the most picturesque stretch of beaches amongst the Konkan Beaches. A turqoise blue sea with the Sindhudurg fort looming in the horizon makes a sunset at the Tarkarli beach truely unforgetable. The Karli backwaters which runs parallel to the sea adds to the beauty of this blessed land.

Sindhudurg Fort

The Sindhudurg fort built on the Kurte Island on over 44 acers of land in Malvan also a snorkeling site is the primary attraction in Malvan apart from the beaches. The stone inscriptions, bastions and the citadels of this fort would definitely transport you to a different land and time altogether. Boating is one of the most popular activities in Tarkarli, highlight of which is the high probablity of spotting a dolphin. With islands just a few nautical miles away from the coast a speedboat ride to these islands can be a lot of fun.

Beaches near Mahalaxmi Adventures.

Mahalaxmi Adventures is located at the Devbaug Sangam with the Devbaug beach right at its door step. This stretch of beach extends seamlessly right upto the Malvan jetty about 12 kms away!

Tarkarli beach is amongst the premiere destinations promoted by M.T.D.C. and due to the fame of Tarkarli beach, Devbaug and other lesser known beaches like Wayari are also in a way considered as Tarkarli beach from a tourist's perspective - its the same stretch of beach anyway!

Parasailing in Devbaug
SCUBA Diving in Devbaug

Sightseeing Around Malvan

There is lots to see around Tarkarli. About 60 Kms to the north of Tarkarli is Devgad famous for the Alphonso mangoes. Kunkeshwar Temple with a pristine beach is near Devgad. To the south of Tarkarli just 40 kms by 'sagari mahamarg' is Vengurla another secluded beach.

Goa the most popular tourist destination in western India is just 3 hours away from Malvan. Terekhol fort at the northern end of Goa is just about 60 Kms from Malvan via the sagari mahamarg which passes through Vengurla.