Mahalaxmi Adventures is amongst the most progressive water sports operators in Tarkarli. The pioneers of parasailing in mid sea Mahalaxmi Adventures is also amongst the premiere operators of S.C.U.B.A Diving in Tarkarli.

Located in Devbag 'Sangam', the most picturesque region in the entire stretch of the Konkan coast, Mahalaxmi Adventures is the pioneers of parasailing in mid sea & 'Flying Fish' and to date is the only one to offer the sport in Tarkarli. Mahalaxmi Adventures has many features unique to it which differentiates it from any other water sports operator in Tarkarli.

Water Sports in Tarkarli

Mahalaxmi Adventures offer the entire repertoire of water sports facility which it organizes near the Tsunami Island in Devbaug Sangam. With modern equipments and trained instructors Mahalaxmi Adventures ensure safe and enjoyable aqua fun in Tarkarli. Devbag - Malvan is the only destination in Maharashtra where one can indulge in snorkeling & SCUBA diving. Mahalaxmi Adventures organizes snorkeling & SCUBA diving in Devbaug which is now the premium diving site in Malvan with clearest waters in Malvan coast.

Mahalaxmi S.C.U.B.A Diving

Devbaug is the newest addition to the diving sites in Malvan. Located near the 'dutta mandir' in Devbaug the dive site at Devbaug is renowned to have the clearest water, corals and abundant marine life near Tarkarli.

Mahalaxmi S.C.U.B.A diving offers the best facilities along with trained guides and videography for its guests to enjoy S.C.U.B.A Diving during their stay in Devbaug and Tarkarli. The guests can also enjoy boating from Tsunami island to the S.C.U.B.A dive site with Mahalaxni S.C.U.B.A diving.

Parasailing in Devbaug
SCUBA Diving in Devbaug

Mahalaxmi Parasailing

Mahalaxmi Adventure being true to its reputation of being the most progressive water sports operator in Malvan were first to introduce parasailing in Malvan.

Mahalxmi Parasailing offers parasailing in the open seas near Tsunami island off the coast from Devbaug Sangam. If you are doing parasiling during early mornings there is a good chance of spotting dolphins while air borne enjoying parasailing!

Mahalaxmi Water Sports

Mahalaxmi Water Sports was the flagship venture of Mahalaxmi adventures formed with an aim to be the leaders of aqua adventures in Tarkarli, Malvan and introduce the best of rides available with world class equipments.

Mahalaxmi water sports offers all the modern water rides like banana ride, bumper ride, sleeper bumper, kayaking & water scooter etc and were the first, and to date the only water sports operator in Tarkarli and the entire coast of Malvan to offer 'flying fish' a very exciting water ride.

Boating in Tarkarli
Water Sports in Tarkarli

Mahalaxmi Boating

Mahalaxmi adventure with its large fleet of boats also offers boating from Devbaug sangam.

Mahalaxmi Boating offers boating from Devbaug sangam to various designated points and islands off the coast from Malvan. Mahalaxmi boating also offers short rides and dolphin sighting trips for its guests. Mahalaxmi Adventures now with water sports parasailing S.C.U.B.A diving and boating has every aqua adventure that Malvan has to offer.

Mahalaxmi Beach Resort

Located right besides the beaches extending along from Tarkarli culminating at the Devbaug Sangam where the Karli backwaters meets the sea, Mahalaxmi Beach Resort is the best place to stay during your holidays in Tarkarli if you want to want to experience the grandeur of Nature that Malvan has to offer. The first step out of the resort is on the pristine beaches of Devbaug and you may enjoy the setting sun over the Devbaug Samgam sitting right in your balcony at Mahalaxmi Beach Resort.

Mahalaxmi Beach Resort has spacious rooms, all of them with a beautiful view of the beach, and all the amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for the tourists during their stay in Tarkarli. The resort has A/C and non A/C rooms. Mahalaxmi Beach Resort offers delicious home made veg and non veg food prepared in the traditional malvani culinary style. Seafood is their speciality. Mahalaxmi Beach Resort also serves delicious veg food.

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